Thanksgiving games for family

If on this harvest festival  when you are scheduling for a Thanksgiving  games for family or you can say for a family get-together, Thanksgiving  games for family mentioned below will surely become a major reason to make your party more entertaining and also helps not to feel your guests bored, any person of any age group can play these Thanksgiving  games for family, and special things about these games that there is no criteria because these Thanksgiving  games for family is suitable for all
age groups and it these games are very adjustable it doesn’t matter whatever your Thanksgiving theme is, so try out them all and have fun on this get-together with your guests.

I want to play Thanksgiving Menu game
Firstly, the people who are playing this thanksgiving game, have to sit in a ring shape. The very first player starts the Thanksgiving  games for family by saying that, "On the day of get-together dinner I always like to eat turkey", after that player after the first one, have to must repeat, "On the day of get-together dinner I always like to eat turkey"..." and he/she would have to add name of the another dish which ever he/she likes. This whole process will be continues to the every player and don’t have to broke the chain in the circle and every player have to add a new dish name every time, when his turns come up. If anyone of the  player in the circle mistakenly do the mistake than the person will be,  out from the round or you can say from the game and the again continues and, at the last player who will stay till last will be the winner.

Peanut Toss

In the staring of this Thanksgiving game firstly join up the children different group, and after that give each group a cup which is full of peanut and tell  them to throw the popcorn into their couple mouth. The first team which will finish will be the winner. You can take cranberries in the place of peanuts.

Pass the Corn
Divide guests into two teams and have them form two lines. You will need two cobs of dried Indian corn. At the signal "go", the corncob is to be passed from person to person. The catch is that they can use any part of their bodies, except their hands. If the corn touches the ground at any time, it must go back to the beginning of the line again. Whichever team manages to get the corn to the end of the line first wins the game.

Tell me a Bird, a Animal or a Feast 
You should have a clever and quick responsive mind for this special Thanksgiving  games for family. Their will be one of person, among your group will become the Judge or the leader of this game, in this game all the players will sits in the straight line facing towards the leader. The leader of this thanksgiving party game have choice to points out anyone of the player among the group players and says either one of them whether it can be a "BIRD", "ANIMAL”, or "FEAST". The player which is to be chosen by the leader must have to say the name which fits up according to the up following category, before the Judge of the Thanksgiving  games for family, do a countdown up to twenty. And any of the player can’t repeat a word it means repeating is against the rules of the games so, you have to do “No repeating!”. If any of the player does not respond  until the countdowns end, than that will be out of the game. This game-playing continues till only 1 player remains among all participants. As we all know, that is very difficult to say words according to the mentioned categories after the few rounds, so have loads  of fun and make this time Thanksgiving day more special.

The Game of Sharp Memory
It is the game, which will test the people’s remembrance power. In the beginning everyone sit in a shape of circle and decide one person who will start the most interesting Thanksgiving  games for family, the game of sharp memory. First call out will be started by saying, “I have a strong remembrance power just because of…”, and after that the playing player need to make a word which starts with the first letter of the alphabet table which is “A” (for illustration: “aerobics”) and just after the first player, the next player in the round will say, I have a strong remembrance power just because of…” and after that the second player have to again repeat the word, that was earlier told by the first player after the completion of the sentence and also have to add another word which starts with the Alphabet  “B” (for illustration: “book”). This process will continue till the last letter “Z” of the alphabet. If someone got failed in memorizing any of the word in whole round than that person will be disqualified from the circle of the game, and the player which remain till last without forgetting any word than it will be declared as the winner in the Thanksgiving  games for family.
The Eating Cranberries Contest
Firstly, begin with preparing a tub which is totally full from the cranberries, now you are ready for the eating cranberries contest. It is the one of the difficult game in the list of the Thanksgiving  games for family, this game is played by making pair of two players, and in the pair both players hands will be cross-tied with each other, with the help of a rope and now, the black piece of cloth will be tied on the eyes of both the players now they have to eat the cranberries with the help of each other.
So try this game, and have a great fun on this harvest festival.

Laughs of Belly
The most toughest part of this gaming is that  to make the children agrees to pronounce the name of this game clearly. So, once you will  start playing this game, then you'll get to know that the laughs of your belly are totally transmittable – it doesn’t matter whether your guests are of serious nature or of the jolly nature, but one thing is confirm that your every guest will surely like this special game among all the Thanksgiving  games for family. To give a start for this game, you need at least 4 peoples and a soft green surface or you may also use carpeted floor to lie on it. To begin, have one player lie down on his back. The next player lies down with his head resting on the belly of the first , and the next player will lies down with his/her head on the belly of second  player.  Arrange all the players until the everyone is in the shape of zigzagged in the lawn or floor, each with his or her head on someone else's belly (if it is possible, the make the line in the shape of the loop so that the last player will be able to put his/her head on the first player belly). Then, the very first player have to  shout out loud and very clear, "Haa" The second player responds with a vigorous, "Haa, ha!" then the third player chimes in, "Haa, haa, haa!" Continue until all players have shouted out their "Haa's" or (more likely) have dissolved into the laughter than can't be controlled , with the heads are bouncing on the each other bellies.