How Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade revealed up the band

How Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade revealed up the band ? Thanksgiving Day Parade is totally outburst with the lots color and confetti, but the pageantry  is not having any limitations for parade day. Parade on the Harvest day brings a dose of celebrations and happiness with the marching 
Macy's parade
band selection process by sending parade officials on surprise visits to personally deliver invitations.
Dobyns-Bennett H.S. band director Lafe Cook received a commemoration drum head when there was a surprise visit from Macy's official Wesley Whatley. This could be the marching band equals to  having the "prize patrol" knocked at his door when he opened his door. But this prize is converted through the dedication and hard work, not by luck.

Thanksgiving Macy's Parade
In the April 2010, was also got invited to join Macy's representatives when they deliver the invitation letter in  2011 parade to the Dobyns-Bennett High School Band in Kingsport, Tennessee. The principal of the school had been already got informed of the top-secret plan, but the details otherwise remained as a well-guarded bombshell.

It can also be a type of a challenge to kept the secret as secret, just because of only the directors of bands are naturally excited to know that whether the application he submitted for the parade was accepted or not. Dobyns-Bennett band director Lafe Cook confess that they had been searching on Google for nearly around two weeks for about to, finding any hints about the band status of him. The day before that Macy's officials leader also ringed at his door, instantly he  found this news that a band in his neighboring state had already received an invitation. At that time Cook got very much worried whether his application had been declined due to the close proximity of the other band.

He got surprised and his face become fade when the team of  Macy's arrived.

"The Thanksgiving Day Parade is such  a huge part in the industry of fabric of our community," Cook said, by marking that the band marched in the parade in 1984, 1988, 1993 and 2004. "Many people in the community marched in the parade when they were in the Dobyns-Bennett band. We get unexpected support."
This is the way that How Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade revealed up the band