Funny conversation starters for Thanksgiving day

At thanksgiving holiday dinner table, you know that it's very much important to get far away from the controversial topics like politics, but did you ever think what will you do if you don't want to repeat or again telling that old stories again on this  day ?

Harvest day 2016

Luckily you are at right place, we have some funny conversation starters that will get your family and friends bonding during the meal. We guarantee no one will want to or try to escape from  the table with these conversation starter questions.

Funny conversation starters that mostly Parents Ask to their children (Of All Ages)
  • Who is the person at the table is most funny and why he/she ?
  • Pretend you just won the lottery of  $50 million. What will be your reaction and the first thing you would buy?
  • What do you think which is the hardest responsibility about being a parent?
  • Why you are thankful for this year and for what ? (You know that because it is coming.)
Funny conversation starters for Thanksgiving day that Kids asked their parents
  • If you have a choice, when you got born, to named yourself, then what name you would have choose for yourself?
  • What do you think what is the most difficult thing about being a kid?
  • What is the best and worst thing about me which you like and dislike?
  • If you could eat only one of the dish on this table for an entire year, then which one would you choose?
Funny conversation starters for Thanksgiving day for your friends or to ask your friends
  • Which is the person here, who knows me well than others?
  • Which person at this table would become a celebrity in future?
  • What did you really think about your first date in life?
  • What is your most creative leftover-turkey idea: Go!

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