Thanksgiving food

 Delicious thanksgiving food are all about, Turkey: and/or ham, goose, and duck or Turk den (a spatchcocked combo of three entire flying creatures!)

Stuffing (otherwise called dressing): a blend of bread solid shapes, hacked celery, carrots, onions and sage stuffed inside the turkey for simmering. Chesnut's hacked bacon or hotdog, and raisins or apples are additionally some of the time incorporated into the stuffing and there are many more Thanksgiving food dishes.

Delicious dishes for Thanksgiving Day

Turkish food

Pureed potatoes with sauce

Sweet potatoes: regularly served as sugar coated sweet potatoes, at times finished with marshmallows

Butternut squash


Green beans

Cranberry sauce

Plain bread moves, appetizing rolls or hoecake (well known in the southern US states and a few sections of New England)

Pies: pumpkin pies are most basic, are the pecan, apple, sweet potato and mincemeat pies are likewise very well known.

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What is giving thank festival is all about and when it is to be celebrated